About Us

Wild ERB is an independent luxury candle company based in beautiful Suffolk. We proudly create luxurious, eco-friendly, vegan, aromatherapy and classically fragranced candles and wax melts. We only use sustainably sourced rapeseed & coconut wax, organic essential oils & high quality fragrance oils, because we believe luxury & sustainability can go hand in hand. We hope you enjoy your visit and find something you love in the knowledge that everything is expertly hand crafted. 

Our Story

I started Wild ERB in 2021 after spending much of lockdown watching YouTube and trying to keep myself busy. I, just like so many others, felt my Mental Health deteriorate somewhat during the lockdown periods and had already been signed off long-term sick from my job at the time prior to lockdown. In fact, my isolation started in September 2019, 6 months prior! I was unhappy in my role and could not cope with the high levels of stress, workload and inner conflict I was experiencing, which sent me into a tailspin of reassessing my life. During this time, I was very anxious and depressed and knew I needed to get back to basics, and one thing I had seen on a personal favourite ASMR YouTube channel was how to make candles. This really inspired me and I started to research how to do this. I knew I wanted to create sustainable and natural candles in-keeping with my "back to basics" values I had come to adopt and appreciate. I did my research and focused my energy on this new and exciting hobby which I came to fall in love with and which helped me to re-discover my value and creativity. Last year I decided I wanted to share my passion with others and create a business that would truly embrace my values, and long story short, after lots of research, experimenting, trial and error, I have continued to create just that.

I am proud to say that myself and my business have flourished over these past few challenging years and will continue to do so with your support.